Subic Bay Nightlife

Subic Bay Nightlife


Bar girls:

Dealing with Subic Bay bargirls is easy, here are the following things any foreigner will face while dealing with a Filipina bar girl while traveling to the Philippines.

  • First look off, what kind of job she is dealing with.
  • Why pay if she is selling drinks only in the bar? But give her a small tip.
  • Pay her, if she spends time and offering drinks to you.
  • Talk to bar girls, look them, offer them a good package and you will have a great time and a beautiful night with this bar girls.

Human nature demands love only. The Subic Bay girls are also human; they too have a heart, plan properly for an evening and pay after their work complete, make a healthy relationship.

What kind of people did bar girls meet?

Tourists come to Subic Bay from vivid countries. The nature of tourists is also different. The bar girls meet with following types of peoples –

  • Some foreigners are too good.
  • Some people are Just OK.
  • Some customers are real losers, and hepatic; this kind of people is less in number.

The bars in the Philippines are operated since 1980’s, there you will find working grandmothers, daughters, and mothers as bar girls. This is because of the poverty in the Philippines; you will see working women in vivid areas.

Subic Bay bargirls are giving you pleasure, spend time with you and get payment for their work, but doesn’t believe in you if you tell them you don’t have any girlfriend. Bola Bola as they called means you are lying to them. Whatever story you told them, they only say Bola Bola. These bar girls working for you to get small pesos for their livelihood. Bola, you are lying to them, but they say it to you in Joking manner, so don’t be panic if you listen Bola from them during any conversation.

Every move of yours including your face expressions, talking behavior, your conversation is closely looked and listens by the Subic Bay girls through the slightest sign of deception towards her within a short span of a 5 minutes meeting. They are Jealous if you looked to another girl while talking. After all, it is the nature of a Girl, Jealous runs deeply in girls vein, but careful while getting them closely.

Subic Bay
Subic Bay

Subic Bar Girls are knowing you much better

These bar girls are knowing that you are in the bar, and they also know what you are looking for. They play the game with you, you are attracted to them, and you need them. Trust, they are dam good in seduction from their behavior, because they are in this business for many years. Just 10 minutes of conversation with a bar girl, and you feel like you know her from so many years. They are perfect in their work with a bottle beer! This is the trap for you, but for them, it is their work, business, a game to earn pesos for their livelihood. Don’t be panic, if such thing happens with you because Subic Bay bar girls making you get your full lifetime enjoyment, so you should visit again and again. She is the only one earnable person in her family, and she better knows what to do to meet daily needs. The family is the first top priority for Subic Bay girls.

Subic Bay Nightlife
Subic Bay Nightlife

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