Subic Bay Nightlife

Subic Bay Nightlife

Subic Bay Nightlife Areas

Subic Bay has emerged as one of the best tourist destinations in the Philippines. This place is most known for its fabulous diving sites, with colorful coral reefs and its marine life diversity. There are also other attractions like ocean park, safari land, various beach clubs and many more.

Another thing that really stands out about this beautiful town is Subic Bay nightlife. All over the town you can find various nightlife venues that provide all kinds of entertainment. Below are the main nightlife areas in Subic Bay:

Subic Base

This area is a waterfront business district with lots of nice venues. Compared with Subic Bay bars in other parts of the town, nightlife venues in Subic Base are bigger and fancier, therefore they also tend to be more expensive. These venues are quite diverse and you can find several different types of entertainment in this area, but what attracts people the most is usually the live music entertainment like what you can get at the Neptunes or Pier One near the marina.

Olongopo and Magasaysay

These two areas are top destinations for local visitors when they want to enjoy some nightlife entertainment. But it doesn’t mean that you won’t find any foreigner here. There are a lot of great bars and discos with live music in these areas and it also attracts foreign visitors, it’s just that when compared with other areas, the concentration of foreigners is a lot less.

In Downtown Olongopo and Magasaysay you will find great venues that offer wonderful live music, like Gigalo’s, Willies,Cal Jam, and also the iconic Subic Hard Rock cafe.

Subic Bay Nightlife

National Highway

At the top end of the National Highway, just before you make a turn to Baloy Long beach area, you can see a lot of small bars and clubs. Some of them don’t look very inviting, but all of these venues offer various interesting entertainment, especially if you’re looking for a company to spend a night with. The nightlife venues in this area are not only famous for their Subic Bay bargirls, but there’s also a dark side of tourism industry here, or commonly called sextourism.

Unlike in other areas, the type of nightlife venues in this area is girlie bar, with beautiful pinay bargirls entertaining you with their dancing and even companionship. This is a great place to be if you like to ‘bar hop’ from one venue to another. The great thing is this area is located so close to the Baloy Beach area, where most hotels and other accommodations are located, so you can go to this area just by taking a short walk from your hotel.

Baloy Beach

This is an area where most of the hotels and other accommodations are located. Every hotel in this area also has a bar, since there are many hotels in Baloy Beach, you also have a lot of options for bar. There are no girlie bar in this area, but that’s okay because the National Highway area is just about 10 minutes away.

Subic Bay Nightlife
Subic Bay Nightlife

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